Tips For Nail Art Designs

There are different ways to create nail designs on nails. Nail art mainly is a part of fashion industry. Girls wear different colors of dresses and put nail design according to dress. If you visit a beauty parlor for nail art then it becomes very expensive so here are some tips are given to create nail art design by yourself. You can find some nail art designs from

You can create these designs without any effort and it is simple to apply on nails.

1. You can create newspaper designs on nails. It is very creative and you can start this by using some light colors like white, light blue etc. Apply nail color on your nails then put them for dry. Dip your nails in alcohol and press newspaper on nails. Hold it for some seconds and then remove it. It creates beautiful designs on nails.

2. Apply some glitter color on nails. You can use some glitter brush on your nails and put them for dry. It creates a glitter designs on nails.

3. You can apply some lace nail art on nails. For this design, you have to need a length of lace according to your nails length. For each nail you need a one lace. Apply nail paint on nails and then put lace on it. Allow them to dry. It creates a beautiful lace nail design on nails.

4. You can use some sky blue type of nail color on nails. You can start painting on top half of nails with dark colors and half with glitter. This makes trendy designs on nails.