The Flex Belt Is A Clear Winner

The flex belt functions by using the electronic pulse stimulation method to contract and release abs muscles. It helps to tone, tighten and strengthen the core muscles. The flex belt has some very good features. It is neat and sleek and fits comfortably around the waist. Discreetly wear it under your clothes when you are driving or on your daily walks. In fact you can use it anytime and anywhere. The belt is a remote controlled device and no batteries are required. It is a plug in remote and once charged you can start on a workout.

It is recommended that you use the belt at least twice a day and each session should last for 30 minutes. Effective results will be seen after 6 weeks of continuously using the belt. The belt has intensity levels ranging from 1-150. The intensity level is controlled by the users. They can choose to work with the level they are comfortable with and then gradually increase the intensity to get the best results. The flex belt is the first EMS abdominal toning belt cleared by the FDA. Clinical trials were done to support the effectiveness of the flex belt. As you will see from the flex belt reviews, the belt is a clear winner.