Team Building Ideas for Indoors

Team building is the ideal way to improve communication skills and boost team spirit amongst colleagues, friends or employees. Team building activities help people to work together and interact with each other and thus strengthen bonds.

Fun team building games designed to bring out the creativity in people tend to enjoy the most success and these types of games are perfect for indoor team building should the weather be poor or time be limited. There are many different types of indoor team building exercises such as:

Cocktail Making

Cocktail making is perfect for indoor team building and is a useful and fun skill to learn. Each participant will be given their own purpose built bar and the skills to create the perfect cocktail by an experienced and knowledgeable expert.

Each team will then be given a mystery box from which they can randomly pick two ingredients. The box will contain a wide variety of possible cocktail ingredients. Using the ingredients taken from the box and their newly acquired cocktail mixing skills, the teams are then invited to mix their own cocktails. Points are awarded for style, name and originality and of course taste. Prizes are awarded for the best bar tender and the winning team.