Sometimes I Love Fashion

Fashion Is Not My Cup Of Tea

Some people are absolutely crazy about this topic called fashion. However, fashion is just not my cup of tea. At least, I am not crazy about fashion. However, I am also not scared of fashion. In fact, there are times where I will fall in love with fashion.

Why Is That So?

Perhaps you are wondering why I love fashion sometimes. Well, let me tell you where I learn all my fashion knowledge from. I guess you are not going to be surprised by my answer. But I am going to tell you the answer anyway because I don’t want to keep you guessing.

Well, I learn all my fashion knowledge from the internet. Perhaps you have already guessed the answer before I blurted it out. To be more precise, I learn all my fashion knowledge by reading fashion blogs.

Fashion Blogs Have Taught Me A Lot Of Things

Through reading these fashion blogs, I learn how to dress better. I learn how to mix and match different colors. This is really important if you want to dress well. I also realized that you can easily get cheap clothing online.

I have also learned a very important lesson. No matter how well you dress, there will always be people who are going to attack you. They will try to belittle you. They will try to mock you. Why am I saying that? Well, when you read all those fashion blogs, you will often see negative comments in the comment section.

Learn How To Stay Positive

No matter how people mock you or attack you, it is always important to learn how to stay positive. If you are able to stay positive, people will start to respect you. Therefore, do not be too pessimistic. Learn how to be more optimistic. You will feel more confident as a result. You will also feel a lot happier than before.