O-ring Use in Paintball Guns

O-rings are one of the worlds most successful seals and are used in paintball gun design to seal off spaces so that pressurised air cannot escape from the gun. An O-ring will typically be found wherever two pieces of metal meet and air is required to pass through. O-Rings are an important component in a paintball gun and as such they will periodically need to be replaced to ensure safe operation.

When the time comes to clean the paintball gun, it is an ideal opportunity to inspect the gun and the O-rings for any signs of damage, splitting, cracking or distortion. If damage is seen then remove the damaged O-ring by cutting it out or pull it away using a sharp object such as a pen or nail. Pull it away and slide it off taking care not to scratch the surface metal of the gun. Put a little gun oil or grease onto the new O-ring and slide it onto the gun and in to the correct position.

Depending on the make and model of the paintball gun there are different sizes of O-ring used. Most paintball guns take a standard size of O-ring and these can be easily found at paintball stores, DIY retailers and from many stores online.