Mr. Bostons Business

Mr. Boston was the CEO of a computer repair in Colton Mr. Boston wanted his company to be the only place people called when there was a problem with their computers. Mr. Boston set up a few different services in his business. Mr. Boston opened up his computer repair in Colton and also had an online section of his business. The store front was for local people that could bring their computer into the shop. The online section of his business was for people who were not local but could connect to the internet. The online section of Mr. Boston was for people who were out of the zip code and state.

Mr. Boston also decided to expand his business and do other types of online services such as website design and development. Mr. Boston decided that he wanted his business to be involved in every type of computer and internet related subjects. Mr. Boston wanted his computer repair in Colton to be the biggest computer repair business in the nation. When Mr. Boston started to advertise his computer repair business and market his services he decided the main method he would advertise would be SEO. Mr. Boston decided to use this method so people all over the nation would know what he did.