Helping A Child Through Night Terrors

Night Terrors are different from nightmares so it is really important to distinguish whether the child is suffering from night terror or nightmare as both of them require different treatment. Hug your child after a night terror and try to calm him down by talking to him but don’t panic along with him as it will worsen the conditions. There is a possibility that the child may not recognize you which is very distressing for parents.

Night terrors can be very tiresome for parents as it leads to long nights. So following are few tips which may help your child to have a healthy sleep:

1.Be supportive and caring. Do not yell at him instead try to soothe him.

2.Try to surround your child with positive thoughts and messages especially few hours before going to bed.

3.Read out a good story book to your child before going to bed so that he is calm and happy before sleeping. Get more ways to help a child from

4.Have a light lamp on in your kid’s room. You can also decorate the ceiling with stars, moon or any of his favorite cartoon character.

5.Talk to your child about his fears and help him overcome them.

6.Try to make his concentration on story or light music instead of his imagination.

7.Repeat you are safe many time whenever he cries out after a night terror.

8.Occasionally sleep with your child or stay by his side until he falls asleep but don’t make it a habit as he will then become dependent on you and will never be able to overcome his fears.