Deer Antler Velvet Spray Is Believed To Be Muscle Relaxant

Deer antler velvet spray is nothing but a spray made out of deer antlers before they are hardened by age. It is believed that this deer antler velvet spray has unusual properties that help in building muscles and that have enhancing powers. This naturally makes it questionable by the FDA and yet, the fact that it has not been approved legally seems to matter less as it has found its way into the market.

While the field of athletics and other sports have come under much scrutiny for drugs and other stimulants, it is as though people that have become used to deer antler velvet spray do not believe that it should be considered in the same light. For one thing, they think that it is a natural product and not chemically produced. Secondly, deer antler velvet spray is believed to be muscle relaxant and not an enhancer. With such rationalizations, athletes continue to spend vast sums of money on products available in the market just so as to play in peak form for a few more years. This would be considered grossly unfair by the rest of those sports people that come by their talent naturally and are willing to perform without any artificial stimulant.