Deer Antler Spray History

Deer antler velvet is first used in Chinese Medicine. It is amazingly discovered written on a Chinese scroll that is said to be more than 2000 years old. To them, it provides its users with energy, stamina and vitality. Deer antler velvet came from the velvet of antlers stag during their early-growth stage. This is when the velvet contains a type of cartilaginous tissue full of beneficial hormones for humans. New Zealand is the largest producer of this supplement, having more than 2,800 dear farms with a combined total of 1.1 million deer. Every year, they ship tens of millions of dollars worth of deer antler velvet spray to both Asia and the United States.

The ultimate goal of body builders is larger muscles and greater strength. Deer antler spray helps them get both, the reason is because it contains IGF-1 or insulin growth-like factor, which is responsible for the development of the muscles.

They decided to make deer antler spray because aside from the fact that it is very easy to apply, it also has the same effect with the capsule forms; but the most incredible part is the effect of deer antler spray. It works faster than those capsules and powder forms. You can also bring it anytime with you since it is very handy.