Bail Bond Information

The idea of getting arrested is foreign to a lot of individuals. Consequently, most people just have a vague notion in regards to the bail bonds system. Therefore, there are lots of misconceptions in regards to the bail bonds and bail bondsmen.

Bail and bail bonds are occasionally thought of as the same thing by the overall public. Once some body is arrested, the court might set a bail amount. This is the sum that the defendant must offer to the court as collateral promising they will appear as ordered through the criminal court proceeding. In some cases, defendants may enlist the services of a bondsman to get their release. However, bondsmen only have to post a portion of the bond amount in the shape of a surety bond. Therefore you will find very different, very discernible differences between the two terms.

The bail bonds industry is just a notoriously competitive business due to intense competition. Competing messages shower internet, radio, print and television ads. Usually these ads focus on the cost of a bondman’s services. This fuels the myth that pricing is not the same as bondsman to bondsman. This is wrong since each state mandates the fees charged by individual bondsmen and the power to establish pricing has been removed from each bonding agency.

Fueled by television pictures and realty shows, many Americans wrongly believe bounty hunters and bondsman are one in exactly the same. A bondsman, for a fee, assists defendants gain their release after being arrested for a crime. If that defendant does not come in court, the bondsman could possibly be compelled to forfeit the entire bail amount. They will commonly in turn hire a bounty hunter to regain the missing defendant and return them to custody.

Since only a small percentage of our society is ever arrested, hopefully the misconceptions associated with bail bonds hopefully will not affect many individuals. Although, if you are one of the few that are arrested, obtaining the right information regarding bond is going to be invaluable.