Are You Entitled To A PPI Refund?

If you have signed up for a personal protection insurance policy, then you should know that you are entitled to a hundred percent refund of your premiums plus the interest. Most people prefer to process their refund through a PPI Claims Co because of the way they process claims fast. Most people who doubt their capability of ever getting a refund of their premiums are those who were forced by their banks or any other financial institutions to sign up for this insurance policy. This should not be the case. You are entitled to claim for a refund of your premiums if you have been paying your premiums regularly and you have all the necessary documentation to show that you are actually the policy holder. You should also bear in mind that this form of insurance policy is not compulsory. As such, banks really have no obligation to force their clients to sign up for this insurance policy so that they can get loans. It is actually a form of customer exploitation. If you are keen on the loan agreement, you will be able to avoid being forced to sign up for a policy that you do not need and one that will make your loan more expensive than it should be.