Always Keep Your Computer Updated

Jennifer was having some issues with her computer; her sound would not work, her graphics changed, and she was frustrated with it. She finally decided to go to Computer Repair Redlands CA and see if they could help her with the issue. The assistant told her a price and gave her directions to the location of Computer Repair Redlands CA. Jennifer was happy with the price, so she headed over to the shop. When she arrived she filled out a drop off form and went about her day. She got a few updates throughout the next couple hours and then received a call saying her computer was ready for pick up. Jennifer headed back over to the shop location. When she was there she got to test out the computer and received a list of things that were done to the computer. The technician who worked on her computer did a full tune up which included a few steps. First the technician ran scans to make sure there were no infections on the computer to interrupt the process of normal hardware. Then he went to the updates; it seemed like Jennifer had not updated her computer for nearly a year. Once the computer was updated the graphics and the sound was back up in running condition.