About Minnie Dresses

Little girls are more fashionable than grown-up women these days! Girls are prone to falling in love with the amazing fashion domain at a very early age. They can learn more about this field by simply watching cartoons. One of their favorites is Mickey and Minnie Mouse cartoon by Disney. You don’t even need to ask your child if she loves Minnie dresses (or “vestidos da minnie” in Portugese) because it’s obvious in the way she behaves. Mickey Mouse is a famous personage for boys. But he doesn’t compete with his gorgeous companion Minnie Mouse. She is a special girl-mouse, dressed in fashionable clothes.

She is so followed and appreciated because she knows how to wear trendy dresses and assort her accessories. If mousse can be in vogue, then why not your baby girl? Many parents choose to indulge their kids with the types of costumes they want to wear. Boys like spooky Halloween costumes, while girls prefer juicy a Minnie pink dress (or “vestido da minnie rosa” in Portugese) and strawberry costumes.

Minnie Mouse is a memorable figure and the model of the perfect fashionable feminine character for little girls. She managed to make a staple in pop culture history and this is why moms and dads can’t get away without buying a similar outfit for their tiny girls. Minnie likes to wear perfectly matching dresses. She can be seen in her famous white dress with white high heel shoes and bloomers, or in her sweet blue and white polka dot costumes. The large bow and gloves she wears are the delight of little girls. Her long eyelashes, red lips and large mouse ears make her a very cute and inspiring figure for baby girls. Her polka dot costumes are the most beautiful and representative. You can order a Minnie costume for your girl as a gift for her birthday or for any other important event in your family!